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Uni Pathways Program STEM

On Wednesday 8 June, students from Year 9 and 10 went to UniSA, Mawson Lakes campus, as part of our Uni Pathways program. This trip is run twice per year allowing students  STEM experiences at university by the end of year 10. 

This trip, students experienced the topic of Engineering. Students learnt Arduino programming for Software Engineering and were able to build their own electronic game. They had to develop the electrical engineering skills of soldering as they assembled the parts onto a printed circuit board. They could then customise their games with music of their choice. 

The final Civil Engineering challenge was to build a bridge out of 5 sheets of A4 paper and 50cm of sticky tape. These bridges were put to the test with a force metre which can be seen in the video below. One group beat the record of any school group to complete the challenge holding over 10kg. 

Well done John Pirie students!