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Principal's News

This week marks the end of Semester 1, and while this semester has presented a range of challenges, the continued persistence, flexibility and support demonstrated by our school community has been both impressive and valued.

The start of the new semester, with new subjects and topics, presents us all with a fresh start and a chance to reset our goals for the rest of the year. JPSS students are supported to set clear learning goals as well as identify strategies that gives them the best chance of success.

One factor that underpins success in any learning goal is regular school attendance. In most cases, strong attendance correlates with academic success, and poor attendance correlates with academic struggles.

Regular attendance maximises life opportunities for young people by providing them with education and support networks. This helps them to develop important skills, knowledge and values which set them up for further learning and participation in their community.

Conversely, poor attendance is a strong indicator of lower levels of achievement in learning tasks, and also highlights the potential for problematic social skills and difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships. Research has shown that not completing school is a strong predictor of negative economic, physical, and mental health outcomes in adulthood and involvement with the criminal justice system.

We understand and reiterate the need for students to stay home if unwell, and this is particularly important given the current circumstances. When this is the case, please contact your child’s Care Group teacher or Student Services to provide a reason for their absence. However, when well, students need to attend as each day of school missed makes a difference, with the effect on learning accumulating over time.  

Our teaching and support staff are absolutely committed to supporting each student to attend regularly. Should you need any support, please contact your child’s Care Group teacher as the first point of contact.

Well done to those students who have attended regularly during Semester 1. For others, there is no better time than the start of the new semester next week.


Staffing Update

We welcome Lisa Mathews (Maths/Science/Psychology) and Trish Dowling (Maths/Science/Technologies) to JPSS from the start of Week 9. Lisa and Trish replace Ben Pendry and Afzal Rana, who have been with us as Permanent Relieving Teachers. We thank Ben and Afzal for their contribution to the school during Semester 1.