FLO provides flexible ways to support students in their learning and wellbeing, and helps them to work out a future pathway for their life.

A FLO enrolment offers:

  • Appropriate school and/or community based flexible learning programs
  • Provision of individual case management

FLO case managment supports FLO students and families to address barriers to engagement and assist young people to re-engage with learning and successfully return to school, or move to further education, training or employment. Students' learning programs may take place in a variety of school and/or community settings.

FLO case managers work with students to individualised learning pathways which reflect the student's skills, interests and aspirations. Learning pathways may include fulltime/part-time school, vocational courses through TAFE SA or registered training organisations (RTO'S), access to learning through the school's Flexible Learning Centre (FLIPS) or community-based program providers, volunteering and structured work placement.

Students who may be FLO enrolled are identified through the Student Intervention Team and during the subject counselling process.