Students with learning difficulties are placed in mainstream classes, and with support from their category of funding will receive targeted SSO support to assist them with accessing their learning program. For some, students who require a more individualised response may participate in specialised programs according to their developmental, academic, social and emotional needs. As part of the One Plan Review, students completing year 9 may be offered placement in our Alternative SACE Class (known as S81). This class supports students requiring additional support with their literacy, numeracy and social skills to achieve their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education). Students are supported to get their SACE using learning based activities that draw on the student’s strengths, interests and needs and SSO support.

Students in mainstream classes that are identified as needing additional support in Numeracy and Literacy Intervention Programs. Other targeted intervention programs are undertaken in response to student functional needs.

At John Pirie Secondary School, we have two Special Option Classes, made up of students from years 7-12 (M86) and years 9-12 (M85). These classes are structured based on the social and academic needs of the students. Each of the highly skilled Educators that work in these classes focus on supporting students to make progress with their literacy and numeracy skills for everyday life. The learning program is tailored to meet student needs identified as part of the students One Plan Review. Included in the program is a focus on developing student’s life skills in preparation for independence and work. All students from year 10 are enrolled in modified SACE and are supported to get their SACE.


All students with learning difficulties including students in Special Options are provided with support to transition to post school options. There are many options for students which Supported Employment through Bedford Industries or Orana. Day Options through Bedford or SCOSA or Open Employment by linking students with a Disability Employment Network (DEN) such as Community Bridging Services (CBS) or Maxima. Some students may require a different transition to employment and have National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) we support School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) program by linking students with either Maxima (SLES program) or CBS (Beyond Program).