FLIPS Centre

What is the FLIPS Centre?

The Flexible Learning Initiative Program Support (FLIPS) Centre is a planned multi strategy approach to re-engaging young people with learning. It provides early intervention and/or intensive support to ensure students remain connected to learning, school and their community. FLIPS is a calm, welcoming learning space for all young people at JPSS.

The FLIPS Centre is a place for delivering curriculum and targeted programmes for students in a variety of modes. Students have the opportunity for one on one tutoring and small group learning. The small teacher-student ratio supports a positive learning culture. Students develop a deep connection to the staff and the space ensuring school is a safe space for all.

How does the FLIPS Centre operate?

Each student in FLIPS is supported by staff who act in a mentoring capacity. This involves supporting students to improve their learning and life outcomes by the shared planning and monitoring of student learning and wellbeing.

Why do young people access the FLIPS Centre?

Students can be enrolled in FLIPS to allow intensive support and/or re-engagement with learning. Young people can be enrolled in a number of ways including through Student Intervention Team (SIT), JPSS Wellbeing Team, peer or self-referral.

There is no typical FLIPS student. Students could be identified due to wellbeing issues, poor attendance, mental health struggles, social disadvantage, learning difficulties or any other reason that their engagement to school is impacted. Young people can also be identified because they need extension in a particular area of their learning or they are involved in studies outside of school for example TAFE, Traineeship or Apprenticeship.

Enrolment is a planned agreement between the student, JPSS staff and legal guardian/parent.

Who are the staff based in the FLIPS Centre?

FLIPS Coordinator: Tracey Pepe

FLIPS SSO: Leanne Hoile

FLO Coordinator: Tracey Pepe

FLO SSO: Meredith Loizeau

Youth Worker/s: Kelly Pedler

Staff timetabled into FLIPS are experienced in supporting students with a range of wellbeing

What programs are offered through the FLIPS Centre?

Targeted programs are run through the FLIPS Centre to support young people in a variety of ways. Programs such as ICANBME, RAGE and a range of others are run out of FLIPS. These programs support students to build a range of skills and ensure they are connected to school.

Community Connections

The FLIPS Centre staff work closely with a range of outside agencies including Uniting County SA, yourtown, Employment Directions, Department of Child Protection and many others.

The Future

FLIPS is an important part of the JPSS culture. Young people will continue to be supported through FLIPS. FLIPS staff continue to connect with outside agencies to ensure better life outcomes for all.